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BlueStone Custom Molle Vest Carrier Sample vest shown with a full Molle design.    .. Product #: BCE-Custom based on 5 reviews Regular price: $199.95 $199.95

BlueStone Custom Molle Vest Carrier

Product Code: BCE-Custom

Price: $199.95

Available Options

* Additional Pockets for Your Vest:

Please select any additional pockets that you would like sewn onto your vest. Once your order has been completed, we will contact you to verify where you would like the pockets positioned.

* Vest Color:
* Chest Measurement:

Chest Measurement

Please specify the Chest Measurement in inches:
(view Instructions tab below for clarification)

* Front to Back Measurement:


Please specify the Front to Back Measurement in inches:
(view Instructions tab below for clarification)

* Vest Gap:

vest gap

Please specify the Vest Gap Measurement in inches:
(view Instructions tab below for clarification)

* A: Back Panel - Length:

bp length

Please specify the Back Panel Length in inches:
(view Instructions tab below for clarification)

* B: Back Panel - Height:

bp height

Please specify the Back Panel Height in inches:
(view Instructions tab below for clarification)

* D: Front Panel - Length:

fp length

Please specify the Front Panel - Length in inches:
(view Instructions tab below for clarification)

* C: Back Panel - Wing Height:

bp wing height

Please specify the Back Panel - Wing Height in inches:
(view Instructions tab below for clarification)

* E: Front Panel - Height:

fp height

Please specify the Front Panel - Height in inches:
(view Instructions tab below for clarification)

* Height:

Please Enter Your Height. Examples: 5 feet 7 inches , 6 feet 2 inches, etc.

* Weight:

Please enter  your weight in pounds.

* Waist Size (in inches):

Please measure around your waist, giving us the measurement in inches. 

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Do you need a vest custom tailored with pockets in locations that meet your specific needs? The Bluestone Carrier Elite Custom has you covered. We will hand-make a vest carrier to your exact specifications and ship it to you duty-ready in the color of your choice. With just a few simple steps, we ensure that you receive the exact product that you need. Your 100% satisfaction is our priority.

Bluestone Safety Products is an industry leader in custom vest carriers. We take pride in our American Made products fully stand behind our products. If there's something you'd like that you don't see, please contact us. 

Be safe out there.

First you will need the following:

  • Measuring tape
  • Paper
  • Front and back ballistic vest panels
  • Pen or pencil
  • Email address you use
  • Camera (you can use your phone to take a photo)

When you have finished these steps, please fill in your color preference and measurements in the fields above. Round your measurements up to the next inch.

Once you submit your order online, we will send you a follow-up email requesting the following photos:

  1. We will need two pictures of the Officer in uniform wearing his or her body armor: one picture of the officer facing forward towards the camera and one of the officer turned to the side wearing his or her body armor. Please be sure the entire body armor vest is visible while being worn on the officer.
  2. We will need photos of both of the Officer's ballistic panels: one photo of the front panel and another photo of the back panel.
  3. A photo of the items you want pockets made for, laid out on front vest panel in the position you would like the additional pockets. For example: if you want a radio on the right side of your vest carrier and a flashlight on the left side, place them accordingly.

Please reply to the follow-up email with the photos attached. The email may take up to 20 minutes to receive. Your order will not be completed until you send the photos listed. After you reply to the follow-up email, someone from Bluestone Safety Products will be contacting you within 24 business hours.

Jamal J. on 08-27-2018 08:48 PM
The vest fits great along with all of my equipment inside. Overall, I am very satisfied with Bluestone Safety. I recommend Bluestone Safety to all Law Enforcement Agencies.
Kayla W. on 08-27-2018 08:54 PM
I just had my first vest made at BlueStone and I am extremely impressed with it! The quality of vest is excellent, it was custom made to fit and it fits PERFECTLY! The customer service was wonderful, everyone here is extremely welcoming and willing to help with what ever your needs are. I will absolutely recommend them in the future!
LT. Kruszynski on 08-27-2018 08:55 PM
I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to BlueStone Safety Products for your service with custom fitted Bulletproof vests and vest covers to our department since 2008.
Bob L. on 08-27-2018 08:57 PM
Blue stone vest carriers are custom made and are a perfect fit. They hold up to a beating and do not fade. The customer service is second to none and they are always eager and willing to help and make adjustments to what you want without any issues. Great Place!!"
Phildo B. on 08-27-2018 08:57 PM
Carrier I bought through this company has lasted about 4 years and it's still in the same shape it was when I bought it. I won't go anywhere else
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