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Grab and Go Bullet Protection Vest 

For ultimate ease of protection, the Bluestone Grab and Go Bullet Protection Vest can be worn on your person or inside a backpack. Time tested and battle warn, our bullet proof Kevlar vest will stop handgun projectiles up to a 44 caliber magnum. 

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50+ Years of Experience

Bluestone Safety Products takes the time
to listen to your needs.

We bring high-quality products to the table and we always take you into consideration. This is the foundation for our business, and it's why we continue to succeed as a company.

Custom Vest Carriers

For over 50 years, we have proudly served those who serve us every day. We take pride in handcrafting our custom Outer Vest Carriers. ​

Concealed Carry Apparel 

We know that bad situations can happen at any time, so with our concealed carry clothing you can always have your gun at the ready. We offer various vests and jackets for your concealment needs. 

Law Enforcement Equipment

and concealed Carry holsters

​Concealed Carry Holsters

No matter your carry style of choice, we have a holster specifically crafted to meet your needs. Ankle holsters, Belly Bands, and IWB holsters just scratch the surface of our selection, so visit our shop today!

Custom Vest Carrier
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